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Please talk to your teacher or counselor to see if course remediation is available BEFORE you enroll in any of these options.

Skyridge High School (Summer School 2024)

2024 Block 1: June 3-14
2024 Block 2: June 17-28

  • CREDIT GIVEN: 0.25 credits per class
  • COST: one time $25 flat fee – NOT per class or block
  • FORMAT: In-person
    • Reach out to your Skyridge Counselor to determine the courses you need to take.
    • Download the 2024 Skyridge Summer School Schedule and 2024 Summer School Registration Form.
    • Return the completed registration form and proof of payment receipt to the counseling office to be enrolled in the course(s).
    • There are two blocks (or “terms”) during the summer. Students may register for 1st block only, 2nd block only, or both.
    • Classes are approximately 2 hours each. Students may register for up to 3 classes per block.
    • Daily attendance is expected. Students with less than 80% attendance will NOT earn credit

East Shore Online High School

  • CREDIT GIVEN: 0.125 credits per unit
  • COST: $100 one-time registration fee; $5 per unit (free unit given if completed in 30 days)
  • FORMAT: Online
    • Students should meet with their counselor to discuss which units/credits will help them toward graduation.
    • Students register through the ESO website (link above). They can register and pay for packets with a credit card.
    • Students must complete an orientation packet (free) before they will be allowed to test on any other unit.
    • Credit is not given until after a student has completed the final test for the unit.
    • Testing is available at Skyridge High School

Summer School – Utah Online School

  • COST: $50/ 9 week session
  • FORMAT: Fully Online – Coursework and Testing
    • Register through the website (link above).
    • Enroll in the Summer 2024 Recovery Credit Only

Northridge Learning Center

  • CREDIT GIVEN: 0.25 credits per workbook
  • COST: $50 per workbook
  • FORMAT: Paper and online
    • Students should meet with their counselor to determine which class/workbook they should purchase in order to get the credit they need.
    • Students purchase workbooks online (link above). The course will come as a paper workbook, but will refer to online assignments which should be completed through Canvas.
    • Credit is not given until after students have completed the final test (online) and haver returned the workbook to Northridge by drop-off or by mail.

BYU Independent Study (High School Students)

  • CREDIT GIVEN: 0.5 credits per class
  • COST: varies ($110 – $280)
  • FORMAT: Online
    • Students should meet with their counselor to verify whether the desired course will be accepted for the credit they need.
    • Students can register for and purchase classes online (see link above) or by calling 801-422-2868 during business hours (M-F, 8:00a – 5:00p).
    • Credit is not given until after students have completed a proctored final exam. After completion of their course, students should check with the counseling office to make sure the credit has been transferred to Skyridge.
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